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Self-reflection is an insight technique that allows one to clear away the debris and dirt collected from their worldly nature that focuses mostly on problems, doubt, fear and other people's lives. In simple terms it is a pathway to self-examination.

Most of us are too caught up in the ways of the world that we forget to nurture our own inner world, our Soul. Just like the body that requires to be fed on a regular basis in order to function properly, our Soul also needs to be thought of and nurtured if we want to live life to the fullest and with a beautiful sense of inner peace and calm.

Our minds are powerful vehicles that when used properly can and will ignite our power and passion to perform at optimum, however, when we clutter our minds and weigh them down with past issues and or future worries, we block our progress. Self-reflection enables us to slow down and reflect in quiet our past experiences and learn from our mistakes or behaviors. Then we are better able to see more clearly how to release attachments, increase our awareness and invite our Divine Nature, our relationship with our God to inspire and enlighten us so we can find our true path and move in the right direction.

PRACTICE: self-reflection daily. Put you into your daily schedule book. It only takes a few minutes a day to slow down and speak to your Soul. Listen to its messages and let your conscience be your guide. It will most definitely tell you the truth and help you see with clarity what it is you should be doing. Trust your Inner Voice, your Soul to help you live a better life.

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October 27th, 2014

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